Different Schools Offering Great Financial Assistance to Students

Choosing to complete your education with the help of an accredited online university can be a strategic option, especially if you work full-time or part-time. With online schools, you can be sure that you can structure your program schedule to be more flexible. This is an incredible advantage you can enjoy, along with the access to course programs that are usually not available to universities near you.

Completing your online bachelor degree can be possible with the help awesome online universities that even offer great scholarship grants. Some of the options that you can consider for online schools are Bemidji State University, Berklee College of Music Online, Central Community College in Nebraska, Colorado Technical University, and Columbia College (Missouri) Online Campus.

Bemidji State University offers several types of scholarships for deserving students. It even scholarships for students under Extended Learning. Some of the scholarships offered by the university include the Edward Gersich Distance Education Scholarship, Gladys McKinley Distance Learning Scholarship, and Northern Minnesota Distance Learning Professional Scholarship.

The Edward Gersich Distance Education Scholarship is offered by Bemidji State University as an accredited online university. This specific scholarship grant offers students with $1,000 but must be pursuing a teacher education degree. Students will be qualified if they are at least 25 years old that has either a junior or senior status and with at least 3.0 GPA. Qualified students should also have ties in northern Minnesota.

You can use the Gladys McKinley Distance Learning Scholarship to finish your teacher education online bachelor degree. From the scholarship, you can receive $1,000 for your education. You can also settle on Northern Minnesota Distance Learning Professional Scholarship that also offers $1,000. This scholarship though can only be availed by students from Northern Minnesota who have at least 3.0 GPA and is a full-time sophomore, junior, or senior.

If you choose Berklee College of Music Online, you can also benefit from its Celebrity Online Scholarships that cost $1,449. This however is talent-based and could only be given to candidate students who have completed 1 course in the Berklee Online Certificate program and plans to continue their promising programs through the online store.

Central Community College in Nebraska is also another accredited online university. The university offers Students at a Distance Scholarship that provides $500 to 10 students who need financial assistance for their education completion. In order to be qualified though, candidates should at least have completed 6 credit hours of coursework in the said college and also has at least 2.5 of cumulative grade point average.

There are more scholarships that could help you get your online bachelor degree from Colorado Technical University and Columbia College Online Campus. You simply have to choose from their lists of scholarships the one that could cater to your needs better and which you can qualify for.

Benefitting from the Financial Assistance of Capella University


Studying in an online university will take time and money for you but it would also be more convenient and incredibly fulfilling to complete your degree program without having to physically be in school. And one of the best things that you can enjoy from an online school is its flexible schedule, where you can structure your classes and courses to fit the schedule you have at work.

You can finish your college education online with the help of accredited online universities offering the degree you want to complete. One of these universities is the CapellaUniveristy, which is ranked to be third in the 2010 list of the Global Language Monitor. Awarded with Outstanding Institutional Practice in Student Learning Outcomes by CHEA in 2010, great things are expected from the school.

Capella University has a lot of recognitions throughout its operations. It was named by G.I. Jobs Magazine to be a military-friendly school and received 2009 WCET Outstanding Work Award and 2009 Learning Impact Award from International IMS Global Learning Consortium, which recognizes the school’s educational technologies for support of learning and higher education.

If you want to complete your degree program then Capella University may be your best choice, especially if you are thinking of asking for financial assistance. This is because the university can offer great scholarships for students enrolled in online programs. These scholarships are not based on the student’s financial need but on the eligibility and academic performance of the interested candidates.

If you choose Capella University for college education online, you can benefit from a limited number of credits with the help of the school’s prior learning assessment program. These credits can be used as addition to college credits for their experience-based learning. Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, the school is credited for military training.

Capella University offers wide selection of certificate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate programs of different type of professions and fields of expertise. Currently, the school is takes care of over 36,000 students under different online degree programs. It offers a competency-based curriculum that offers students with great foundational knowledge and their needed real-world skills.

There are different degrees offered by Capella University. You can be under conselingdegree program or others like Business Management, Project Management, Information Technology, Public Administration, Criminal Justice, Heath Care, Nursing, and Social Work. A lot of the university’s degrees are structured and designed to cater to the professional associations-established standards.

If you want to complete your college education online in Capella University, you can easily process your admission by first paying the $50 non-refundable application fee. You should also abide by the minimum GPA of your desired program and sign the acknowledgement agreement. Your official transcript should also be submitted.

Get Financial Aid from Arizona State University


Are you interested in enrolling in Arizona State University? If you are not anyway physically near the school, you can actually enroll through the schools online program. And this is only one of the top online universities that you can choose for your education and to finish your specific degree, whether it is an associate, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree.

Distance learning education is excellently offered by Arizona State University. But more than just courses and programs, the university also offers a lot of scholarships. In fact, there is wide array of scholarships offered by Arizona State University Online. It offers Regents High Honors Endorsement, which is a scholarship program for eligible Arizona high school graduates. More than that, it also offers scholarships specifically for specific degree programs.

Arizona State University operates in a competency-based form of education. It takes credit for military training as well as offers programs for its online courses the same with its on-campus ones. It also has six dates for starting every year and offers more than 140 online degree programs. In fact, a lot of its programs are now offered fully online.

Online universities like Arizona State University are now the future of the education field. ASU is considered to be one of the biggest public universities in the country. Founded in the year 1885, it is comprised of around 72,000 enrolled students across its five learning centers and campuses. More than that, it also has its ASU Online headquartered in SkySong, Arizona.

Arizona Online School offers an incredible distance learning education program that allows students to complete their degrees online. The university offers an innovative curriculum, which is also taught by the same faculty and professors teaching their on-campus counterpart courses. It uses state-of-the-art technology in order to support its online education programs.

Arizona State University online takes pride in having over 30,000 students that include 1,300 servicemen and servicewomen as part of the curriculum. With a highly recognized faculty members and advanced technology for its system, ASU online is definite a reliable online school that all types of students can benefit from in order to have access to wide array of academic, career, and research resources.

ASU Online like other online universities is involved in several fields of expertise and programs. Some of the university’s online degrees include Liberal Arts and Humanities, Business and Management, Computers and Technology, Criminal Justice and Legal, Nursing and Healthcare, Psychology and Healthcare, Science, Engineering, and Education and Teaching.

If you want to complete your distance learning education from Arizona State University, there is a required tuition fee of $490 to $633 for undergraduate degree programs and $490 to $1,132 for graduate degree programs. There is also a need for interested students to be able to meet specific competency requirements and submit documents like high school transcripts and SAT/CAT scores.

Awesome Scholarships to Take Advantage of from Top-notch Universities


Applying for online schools is an easy accomplishment. You can easily complete the admission process through the school’s official website. More than that, you simply need to send over some of your documents like transcript of records and grades. And that’s not even considering the fact that you can easily have a flexible schedule in order to fit your work schedule.

Completing your university online degree will be more advantageous, especially in today’s fast-paced market and society. There are even some schools that offer education at a much lower cost. If not through that, you can also choose to avail scholarships that can cover your online degree, from the tuition fee, examination costs, and fee for school materials and resources.

Another online university that offers scholarships is the Florida International University. This online school offers different types of scholarships to interested students, including First Generation Scholarship and Bright futures Scholarship. The latter one is provided by institutional programs for high school graduates based on their academic merits.

One of the online schools that you can also consider is the Franklin University. It has an awesome Community/Technical College Distance Learning Scholarship that gives qualified students studying at a technical or community college with $500 worth of financial support. Students can get this scholarship without having to study at Franklin University and can instead go for the partnering technical and community colleges.

You can also have your university online degree with the help of the Harvard Extension School. It offers the Lowell scholarships, which are offered to middle school to high school teachers, and even high school students, in Boston area for their online courses. Once you qualify for this scholarship, you will have 50% discount from all of your school and program’s tuition charges.

Kansas State University Global Campus takes pride of two incredible scholarships, which are the Division of Continuing Education DCE Scholarship for Distance Students and the Maurine Allison O’Bannon Memorial Scholarship. The former offers $900 to qualified undergraduate students and $1,200 to those pursuing graduate programs. The latter awards $1,000 to qualified students.

Columbia Southern University can also be an option for your online schools. The university offers wide array of scholarships including the New Beginning Scholarship, which offers 20% reduction on students’ tuition fees. Qualified students must enroll for 4 consecutive terms as a condition. CSU also has the Learning Partner Scholarship that awards up to $12,600 to qualified students.

Another scholarship to help you with your university online degree is the Robert G. Mayes Memorial Scholarship from CSU. This scholarship chooses 1 CSU alumnus to receive the $10,000 and be used in pursuing their online master’s degree. The university also offers the Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship, which offers 6 scholarships to child or spouse of an active military personnel or a national guard. It covers $12,600 for student’s tuition fee.

Top Scholarships to Choose From for Online Students Today


Studying in an online school will undeniably require a lot of money. Some of the online schools are even more expensive than their traditional counterparts. However, there are online universities that would only require minimal tuition fee or even no fee at all and simply ask for payment for educational materials needed in sessions. There are also those universities only requiring examination fee.

College education online will always require some cost. While some will be more expensive than others, you will always have to pay something. And if you can’t afford this, the best step to take is through the help of financial grants and scholarships. These grants could help with the finances, and could range from full tuition fee payment to only specific amount, depending on the specific grant.

Looking for the perfect scholarship for your situation is necessary, especially in figuring out which ones you arecan be qualified for. Each scholarship grant has its respective and particular requirements and qualifications that you must consider. In fact, some scholarships can only be applied to students with specific degrees and who want to pursue specific programs.

One of the top schools offering scholarships is the Columbia College. This specific online school has several scholarships it takes pride on. Its Associate Degree Transfer Grant provides $375 financial grant. It also offers the CCAA Scholars Program, which is offered to students with at least 24 Columbia College credit hours completed and has 2.75 cumulative GPA. Students who will be awarded with this program will get $1,000.

Columbia College also offers the Col. Charles E. McGee Scholarship. This financial grant will assist a student’s college education online through $1,000 financial aid. In order to qualify for this scholarship, a student must have 2.5 GPA. A competitive award given to worthy candidates, this specific scholarship is perfect for military veterans who are planning to pursue a degree.

The college also offers the CCAA Scholars Program, which offers $1,000 financial assistance to qualifying students who have a minimum of 24 Columbia College credit hours and 2.75 cumulative GPA. The same amount is given to the student who will be chosen for the eScholarship program, who must currently have at least 3 online courses, 21 coursework hours, 3.5 GPA, and pursuing first bachelor’s degree.

University of Wisconsin- Platteville Distance Education is popular for its Dawn Drake Excellence in Distance Education Scholarship for students who want to study in an online school under a financial grant. This scholarship is given to students with minimum of 3.0 GPA and has already finished 1 course in the university’s distance education program. It can be used either for graduate or undergraduate degree.

And finally, you can also enroll to University of Wyoming for your college education online. This specific university offers the Edelweiss Fund Scholarship, which is a scholarship grant that prioritizes students who are recently enrolled in academic program through the Outreach School of the university. This grant also prioritizes non-traditional female resident students without graduated family members.