Canada-CARICOM Virtual University Full Scholarship Program


College education has not been the easiest thing to attain nowadays with the numerous challenges surrounding students and the people around them as well. A lot of people have not been able to get their college education for reasons such as the increasing stress and academic load for the students themselves as well as the increasing price and other financial expenses facing the one funding their education.

In line with this, people have been exploring their own options such as searching for numerous ways to get student grants to be able to enter a college. However, if there is one concept that has lately been embraced by people when talking about alternative college education, it is the idea of online schooling. With online education, students are to take their classes in the form of online college courses which then offers them with more flexibility and breathing space. Aside from this, a lot of organizations have also been offering student grants for deserving students such as the Canada-CARICOM Virtual University Scholarship Program.

If the applicant is accepted and given these student grants, he/she will be able to study in the Canadian Virtual University or CVU. The CVU is a guild of public universities in Canada focusing on distance education or online schooling. All in all, over 3000 courses are offered with 350 degrees and diplomas, as well as certificates. Universities part of the CVU are also part of the University of Canada, abiding by its rules, principles, and philosophies for education.

The Canada-CARICOM Virtual University Scholarship Program or CCVUSP is a program offering a full scholarship for its awardees. Being a full scholarship, the organization will fund all the expenses of its grantees. The online college courses offered are the following: Graduate Certificate in Destination Development and Medical Terminology Extension Certificate.

To be eligible for the said program, the applicant must be an occupant and a citizen in one of the countries listed in the organization’s website. The applicant must also not be enrolled at any other universities full-time. Aside from that, the applicant, at the time of the application, must also be at least 21 years old. Fluency in English or French is also required of the applicants as well as the writing skills for any of these languages.

Students applying are required to complete the online form which can be easily accessed through visiting the website of the organization funding it. Curriculum vitae will also be required of the applicants with a maximum page requirement of 3 pages. Proof of citizenship, TOEFL, IELTS, and other supporting documents must also come with the application.


  1. hi, am Gafaru from Ghana. will be grateful if you could kindly grant me a scholarship into your country. am a hard working and dedicated young man ..thanks

  2. Thank you.!
    My name is Natnael Nigussie am from ETHIOPIA .I am greatfull and be very happy if i kindly get this scholarship..

  3. Greetings sir, I appreciate the opportunity given to me. I am fully interested. Am sorry I have a problem with my mail so I just received your mail. Please guide me , where do I go from here

  4. I am Emmanuel Latsu Zormelo and I would be happy if I could be given the scholarship for human capacity development.


  5. Greetings to you Sir/Madam. My name is Mahlomola Ncwabe and I live in South Africa. I currently finished my metric this year. I am a boy coming from a very poor family with lots of debts looking for a scholarship bursary. With all respect I wish you could give me one. I am a hardworking boy with the ability to do more in everything. I thank you.

  6. Hey there
    Am a Tanzanian who would like to be suggested for the scholarship
    please take me into consideration
    Yours hopefully

  7. Hi my name is silver from eastern Uganda. In 2003,the war made us useless i would request you people to at least give a chance to my younger brother so he could utilize this opportunity to change our family standard if granted. Than you silver

  8. Hey there!I need a scholarship to continue my studies!i could this opportunity to make myself productive to myself as well as to the world!thank you very much

  9. My name is Kizito Chitsinde from Zimbabwe. I am a holder of an Executive Diploma in Business Leadership, and I looking forward for to further my studies. I have a passion for studying business studies and am in need of a fully funded scholarship. May you please kindly extend your help to me so that you help me realise my dream.

  10. Hello sir/madam, I am a Liberian and I am really interested in studying abroad,please help me to obtain my BSC and even up to master level to make my dream come through.

  11. Hi,my name is Excellence Ndegwa,Kenyan citizen.I just completed high school this year 2017.I wish to study abroad in addition to exploring my talent in basketball.Thank you.
    To reach me easily – +254706369628

  12. Je suis vraiment contente de savoir qu\’il y a des gens qui pensent pour les jeunes d\’aujourd\’hui dans un monde aussi de travers,merci d\’avoir donné accès à une opportunité de ce genre..j\’aimerais bien y participer mais dommage je suis âgée de 17 ans et je serai en terminal l\’année prochaine si vous pouvez m\’aider à trouver d\’autres opportunités d\’avoir accès à une bourse l\’année prochaine je vous serais très reconnaissante merci d\’y réfléchir. ..

  13. Hey,am a lady 17 yrs old (a few months to 18yrs) can i apply for this scholarship if you can revise your limit criteria.ive just completed my high school and passed highly in subjects that could enable me take medical related course.

  14. Dear sir, I humbly request for a scholarship in bachelor of medicine and surgery in Canada, thank you very much
    I will be highly indebted for the positive response

  15. good day sir/ma it\’s my pleasure written to you i\’m interested in taking the offer but i need a guideline thanks

  16. My name is Tracy Yebo and am Zambian.I would like to further my studies in medicine at your institution so am kindly asking for a full scholarship.Your response will be highly appreciated

  17. hi my name is nonduduzo Hlanze  ,I\’m a female of 22years old -from Swaziland .I\’ve completed my high school a few years back and  ive been having difficulties being addmited to universities coz I couldn\’t pay for application fees,I\’ve done all the necessary papers ,I\’ve even got my international passport ,medical records check out clean bt my parents told me they cannot afford to fund my education….I\’m asking and hoping I can get help funding my education. I would really love to study Economics or business management, I\’m really keen to study -I\’ve nothing more I\’d like to do right nw thn further my studies —I\’m desperate plz help me

  18. Hello, my name is nasara 24 years old am a Tanzanian and am finding a scholarship for my education I real need to study business administration, this will help me to be productive to the world and to myself it will be ma pleasure if i get a chance.

  19. Dear sir, I humbly request for a scholarship in master of geology in Canada, thank you very much.
    I will be highly indebted for the positive response of you for me. All is right I have hopes….

  20. HY SIR/madam am also from poor family but my wish is to see my salf achieving more but my first step is to go to FET thats what i really want
    And study personal as they call this field human resource
    Am pleaing for schoolarship that will be the best bost in my life

  21. I would love to get an assistance o empower myself and then after obtaining the desired qualification come back to South Africa pass my skill to the people.

  22. I am in need of a scholarship to obtain a degree in Human Management Resources.My family failed to provide funds because of poverty.I wish a good reply.

  23. My name\’s Kanyetu nicodemus mushongo from walvisbay. Namibia southern Africa. I came from poor background I lost my father. My mother is unemployed staying at the village. Am unemployed youth. Ready to join your dynamic institute of high learning
    Your financial assistance to help me with my study. Wl be highly appreciated

  24. I need a scholarship to continue my studies. I come for a less privileged background and my wish is to be someone who is educated. I did my O level and my A level . I will be very glad to get this once in a lifetime opportunity

  25. I m sonam chophel from bhutan. .my background course is in b mathematics and chemistry. .i m searching scholarship fully funded to peruse master

  26. Hi I am Alisi from Fiji Islands. I would be very greatful if I could be allowed ti continue with my post grad through ykut support and financial assistance.

  27. My name is chileshe mazala from the developing country of Zambia in Africa i need a scholarship to study my dream of becoming an electrical engineer

  28. Greeting I\’m Nfor Faith from Cameroon I have a diploma in pharmacy technology. Wish to continue my studies aboard to becoming a full flesh Pharmacist. With a scholarship from you that dream will come to realisation. I really need the scholarship my family background can really sponsor me to that level. Waiting eagerly to hear from you. Thanks

  29. Hi I\’m 23 Years old from Pakistan. I\’ve completed BS-IT(Hons.) and want to do MS/Mphil in research and development or cloud computing. I really need scholarship as I could\’nt afford to pay fee, kindly pay serious attention to my comment

  30. Am a Namibian student seaking for funding to pursue my studies and any university internationally I would be very greatful for the opportunity and I will be sure not to disappoint…. Please grand me this opportunity

  31. hi!i need this scholarship to pursue my studies in master of human and economic geography.please help me I don\’t get nobody to pay me my school fee

  32. My name is kidane kfleyesuss. I am in Ethiopia as a refigee. I have a great wish to study electrical engineering. So I am looking for any schoolarship. I appreciate for your helping.

  33. Hello I am a poor student who needs financial help to continue my studies I need scholarship and I have to wait for your answer for help to have a better education

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