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Taking up college is easier said than done. With the numerous obstacles facing students and the people around them, tertiary education has slowly become a luxury only a few can afford. For the aspiring college students and their parents or guardians, the sheer financial load of college tuition has scared a lot them away. Aside from this, a lot of factors also contribute to the financial burden of college education such as the materials, lodging, and the likes. On the other hand for current college students, the same problem regarding financial matters still persist all while coinciding with other student-related matters such as academic load.

As a response to these things, numerous alternatives have been gaining popularity to provide people another way to receive their college diploma. One of the alternatives is by attending online classes and taking up an online bachelor degree. Online education has been a concept well-embraced by people due to its benefits. Aside from online education, a lot of people have also been looking for scholarships, may it be academic or athletic, in order to ease off some of the financial burdens.

In line with this, one of the scholarships you can try applying for is the Web Development Scholarship sponsored by the Boise State University. Aside from attending online classes, you can also try this scholarship program which gives $500 to its recipients if deemed worthy by the university’s design team.

Boise State University is a public college located in Boise, Idaho. The university offers numerous fields of studies, particularly 190 organized in a total of 8 colleges which include the Graduate Studies program together with Arts and Sciences, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering, Graduate Studies, Health Sciences, Public Service, and lastly, Innovation and Design.

To apply for the scholarship program you will be asked to create a Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG animation. SVG animations are gaining popularity lately due to its flexibility and the amount of animation you can create without creating a large file. Two people will be selected for the grant based on the SVG animations that they will produce which will be judged by the design team of the organization providing the scholarship. Animations will be judged based on originality and overall creativity as well as the tidiness of the codes.

To know about the scholarship program and the institution offering it, you may visit Boise State University’s website. Aside from that, you may also check out other offers for an online bachelor degree and online classes.


  1. I need a scholarship I want to study a Human resource management in college.I\’ve been already been accepted in Springfield get college in south Africa.

  2. I need a coach, a partner, a center, a university or a scholarship able to make me professional in the domain of Community Development, in which I\’m operating there are 10 years.

  3. I need a scholarship to study in the uk in manchester university… I belive i am suited for the position because of my ambition to study and goal to change kenya..

  4. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to give my comment .
    Iam jackline from Uganda , I would like to take this opportunity to kindly request for your helping hand in pursuing my bachelor in Logistic and procurement . I am do much interested in upgrading my studies but due to lack of money I couldn\’t do that . I would grateful if your highly team put my kindly request in to your parental consideration. Thank you, I can even remain where I am as long as am getting knowledge .Thank you.

  5. Thanks for this opportunity. I need a scholarship to do professional master degree in accountancy in Canada. Please do help me

  6. Hi am valjoy from kenya i have just finished my secondary school and my parent cant afford enough money because i still have other siblinngs behind me……i am really ineed of this scorlaship and any assistance i will highly appreciate it …..it has always been my dream to study abroad i will be very happy if you help me and i promise not to let you down with my studies

  7. Through with college, need to further.. It\’s important I get this scholarship, because it\’s really not easy for me to sponsor myself. Thanks. Janet. From Nigeria.

  8. i m looking for assistance to complete my baccalaureate program me through Cambridge international u .k .i was enrolled on 2014 but up to now i m facing financial problems and as you know we are underdevelopment in zimbabwe .

  9. I need the scholarship for my further studies…!
    And I promise that it is not wasteful ..!
    It will give the best results..!

  10. I completed my secondary education 4 years ago but things have really been hard for me to go to college. my family can\’t afford to sponsor me and now am now scared that my dreams will be shuttered. henceforth, I can be the happiest boy on earth if I can be awarded this sponsorship.

  11. Hey, I always wanted to be an Accountant and i am willing to take the offer.I completed my high school last year but my parents cannot afford to pay for my University. If i get this offer i will be the first person in my family to attend university. This will mean a lot for my family . i hope i will get this offer as I always pray day and night for the Lord to open up ways for me to persuade my dreams.

  12. I am in sierra Leone i need someone to help me I want to further my educati education no sponsor. I need a sponsor.

  13. Hello,My name is Ntaji bassey am from Nigeria. I’m looking for Full-Scholarship to pursue a Masters Degree in control engineering. Currently, I have a B.Sc electrical & electronic engineering Sincerely, I will be very thankful for your assistance

  14. Hey breathen my names dimas kainde I really want this opportunity, unfortunately enough I don\’t have any money to pursue the course.

  15. I would appreciate the scholarship because I want to study and learn so that, I can change the life that I\’m living now to a better one

  16. thank you very much for information but my I need a scholarship in travel and tourism management if you have any information about that please let me know thank you so much

  17. I am very much needed scholarship for my thesis I would like to change Somali into a better nation

  18. Thanks for the opportunity.for ma side I believe that in every sort of acquired a high profitable knowledge is through having experiences from different places,due to
    that draw my interest to have it on BAED program to be a best teacher for best student performance.thank you

  19. Hi I need sponsorship to study Bachelor of Business Administration.I have already been accepted.I need help of 1000 US Dollars per semester for 5 years.I will appreciate.

  20. Thank you for the good work .
    Am Wanyenze Sandra Moureen .am requesting for a scholarship to further my education. Please it is a request because I cannot proceed with education that\’s why am requesting for your support. I will appreciate if considered. Thank you

  21. how are you. l need a scholarship on medicine,my parents cant afford to pay for my tertiary education.please assist me. your help will be greatly appreciated

  22. I am a working student a scholars too but i would like to take Dentistrt here in the Philippines but my budget is not enought to cover my expences so what i did i just enrol Educqtion as my Course, can you recommend me some medical related schoalrship that is available for students who are dearving.

  23. I need a scholarship to do my Post graduate studies. Please assist me, your help will be greatly appreciated.

  24. hello everybody .. am in university doing journalism but I dreamt going abroad let me use this opportunity to request scholarship … I want to learn more about journalism and my family can not afford it..so if there any sponsor can consider my request. thanks.

  25. Hi Dear
    My name mozhgan I am from Afghanistan, I have bachelar degree of Economy, and I need master degree of accounting and finance or Economy I need to study your university and to take s scholarship , kindly I am requesting to accept my request and please
    give me this opportunity
    thanks all
    phone number ; +93 796612126 and +93 789178726

    best regards
    mozhgan sadat

  26. thank you for this oppotunity i am Mihretie Mengist from Ethiopia I
    need Scholarship further to study in mechanical engineering
    thank you this scholarship

  27. Hi, I was studying BA Communication Sciences through UNISA but I dropped out due to the lack of finance. I would really be gratefull to get your assistance. Humble request Musa Mkhize

  28. je suis du Mali, j\’ai une licence en agroéconomie ,je souhaite vraiment avoir une bourse en master pour afin réaliser mes rêves.

  29. Hae, am bramwel mwale a kenyan. Its humble request for a scholarship in abroad to narrow down in the field of biology, zoology.. Am an under graduate student if you dnt mind

  30. Am in my third year of study but have heavy financial load in paying my fees .I would like to apply for a scholarship to do masters in actuarial science .am a needy student

  31. hello am cement from zambia asking for help l want to study medicine but l don\’t have money to pay for this,please help me so that I help my people too am humbled thank you

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