$500 Web Development Scholarship


Taking up college is easier said than done. With the numerous obstacles facing students and the people around them, tertiary education has slowly become a luxury only a few can afford. For the aspiring college students and their parents or guardians, the sheer financial load of college tuition has scared a lot them away. Aside from this, a lot of factors also contribute to the financial burden of college education such as the materials, lodging, and the likes. On the other hand for current college students, the same problem regarding financial matters still persist all while coinciding with other student-related matters such as academic load.

As a response to these things, numerous alternatives have been gaining popularity to provide people another way to receive their college diploma. One of the alternatives is by attending online classes and taking up an online bachelor degree. Online education has been a concept well-embraced by people due to its benefits. Aside from online education, a lot of people have also been looking for scholarships, may it be academic or athletic, in order to ease off some of the financial burdens.

In line with this, one of the scholarships you can try applying for is the Web Development Scholarship sponsored by the Boise State University. Aside from attending online classes, you can also try this scholarship program which gives $500 to its recipients if deemed worthy by the university’s design team.

Boise State University is a public college located in Boise, Idaho. The university offers numerous fields of studies, particularly 190 organized in a total of 8 colleges which include the Graduate Studies program together with Arts and Sciences, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering, Graduate Studies, Health Sciences, Public Service, and lastly, Innovation and Design.

To apply for the scholarship program you will be asked to create a Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG animation. SVG animations are gaining popularity lately due to its flexibility and the amount of animation you can create without creating a large file. Two people will be selected for the grant based on the SVG animations that they will produce which will be judged by the design team of the organization providing the scholarship. Animations will be judged based on originality and overall creativity as well as the tidiness of the codes.

To know about the scholarship program and the institution offering it, you may visit Boise State University’s website. Aside from that, you may also check out other offers for an online bachelor degree and online classes.

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