How to Get in Western Governors University Today


Western Governors University is a reliable institution that offers excellent university online degrees. It is considered one of the schools that offer the most affordable online degrees and programs without having to give up the quality of education it provides, with its competency-based approach education. More than that, it also offers flexibility in scheduling, which is the reason why students can work and study at the same time.

Getting admitted to Western Governors University is different from other accredited schools online since you won’t need a minimum SAT score or GPA for your admission process. This university is also nationally and regionally accredited and provides students the option of paying for a flat rate for its tuition fee every six months. Students also have the option of accelerating their program through completing all the required assessments ahead of time.

Western Governors University was established in the year 1997. It is a private and non-profit online university that offers more than 50 degree programs, both graduate and undergraduate degrees. These programs are widely array in the fields of business, healthcare, teacher education, and technology. Established by governors of 19 states, its aim is to offer education to as much people as it can.

If you want to have wide options for university online degrees, there are a lot of choices for you to consider. For Education Programs, there are programs for undergraduate degrees that include BS in Marketing Management, BS in Business Management, BS in Business (Information Technology Management, Human Resource Management, or Healthcare Management), and BS in Accounting.

Western Governors University also offers several graduate degrees for under Education Programs, including MBA in IT Management, MBA in Healthcare Management, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Management and Leadership, Master of Science in Integrated Healthcare Management, and Master of Science in Accounting. Some of these programs are even not offered in other accredited schools online.

Other courses that WGU offers are BA in Special Education, BA in Science, BA in Mathematics, BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, and Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Preparation Programs for teachers. The university also offers wide variety of programs for Graduate Studies for teachers, including MA in Teaching for licensure programs and MS in Special Education, MS in Educational Leadership, and MS in Curriculum and Instruction for current teachers.

There are also several university online degrees for health professionals for undergraduate and graduate degrees. It offers BS in Science and BS in Health Information Management for undergraduate degrees and Master of Science in Nursing with different specializations for graduate degrees, including Leadership and Management, Leadership, Education, and Nursing Informatics. Some of these specializations have RN to MSN options.

There are indeed a lot of accredited schools online that you can choose to help you finish your specific degree. But one of the greatest options is the Western Governors University, so take a pick.

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