Most Affordable College Education Online Schools to Enroll to


Taking up and completing your college education online can cost a lot just the same as it does when you complete your education through a traditional school set-up. This is why it is completely necessary to look for online schools that could help you in your course without having the need to tear your pocket dry and empty.

There are affordable online universities that can help you with your respective degree programs. Some of these online schools include Williston State College, Western Governors University, The Baptist College of Florida, Hobe Sound Bible College, and Athens State University. There are a lot of affordable online schools to choose from if you only look.

Williston State College normally costs you around 4,409 dollars. This non-profit school has a school accreditation of NCA HLC. It has open admission and offers classes like Concepts of Fitness and Wellness, Human Relations and Cultural Diversity, Remedial Reading, Elementary Classroom Art, and Music for Elementary Teachers. It also offers online Bachelor’s Degrees like BA Early Childhood in General Education and BS in Education in Elementary Education.

You can also complete your college online education in Western Governors University and it will only cost you around 5,780 dollars. A non-profit with open admissions, this university has school accreditation from NWCCU and DEAC. It offers online Bachelor’s degrees in Interdisciplinary Studies, Mathematics, Science in Biological Science, Chemistry, Geosciences, and Physics, and Special Education.

The Baptist College of Florida could also help students with affordable tuition fee of 6,720 dollars, especially those under degree programs like BA in Educational Studies, BA in Elementary Education, BA in History/Social Studies, BA in Leadership/Christian Education, and Bachelor of Music Education. This non-profit school has the acceptance rate of 52% and has school accreditation of SACS COC.

Another online school that can help you complete your education is the Hobe Sound Bible College. This non-profit school requires 6,930 dollars tuition fee and has an ABHE accreditation. With open admissions, the school offers online bachelor’s degree that include B. Ed in Elementary Education, B. Ed in Secondary Education, and BA in TESOL.

And finally, Athens State University can also help your with your college online education. Requiring 8,494 dollars for tuition fee, this non-profit university has SACS COC for school accreditation. Some of the online bachelor’s degrees that the school offers are B.S. Ed. in Technical Education inEarly Instructor, Military Instructor, Post-Secondary Instructor, and Instructional Design.

A lot of online universities like these offer wide variety of degree programs. Besides that, some of these universities also provide scholarships that could help students in their financial constraints. If not from the universities, you can also look for organizations and other donors for financial aid and assistance and there are a lot of them offered today in the web.

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