University of Phoenix Offers You Can Benefit From


University of Phoenix is one of the most reliable online universities today, offering incredible scholarship program through its Phoenix Scholarship Reward Program. This scholarship is structured for online students who have accomplished their first 24 credit hours in the 52 weeks of being an undergraduate student. This scholarship can help students save up to $10,000 for a bachelor’s degree and $3,750 for associate’s degree.

One of the best things students can do to complete their online degree programs under this scholarship is to learn as much as possible about the school and how to qualify in the program to save a lot of money. And when it comes to University of Phoenix, starting with the basics is always the best step to take.

University of Phoenix is considered the largest private university in the nation. Established in the year 1976, it offers advanced placement opportunities to all types of applicants for both bachelor’s and associate’s degree programs. This is made possible through the university’s very own Prior Learning Assessment Program. In addition to that, its CIO Joe Mildenhall is recognized as one of the 100 Premier IT Leaders in 2009.

University of Phoenix, as one of the best online universities that students can be part of, provides a year-round enrollment process. It even offers U.S. Armed Forces personnel with tuition assistance whenever they need financial help. You can consider this university to help you complete your education through the help of this school.

University of Phoenix is well-known for providing working adults with the opportunity to accomplish higher education through online degree programs. These programs enable full-time workers to even be able to study the courses they want with the help of a flexible schedule. The school even offers a wide array of associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and even doctoral degree programs online.

You can also get professional and certificate of employment credits from the school and choose from an extensive education programs, including The College of Health and Human Services, College of Business and Management, School of Advanced Studies, College of Arts and Sciences, Military Division, College of Education, and the College of Information Systems and Technology.

University of Phoenix is one of the top online universities because of how organized it is when it comes to catering to its online students. It even provides an eBook collection to students who need them, as well as Center for Mathematics Excellence and Center for Writing Excellence that can help students improve their specific courses through these centers. It even offers tutorial review services for students who require it.

If you want to study in University of Phoenix and pursue either your associate or bachelor’s online degree programs, you should have a high school diploma, California High School Proficiency Examination certificate (whatever is equivalent to foreign secondary school), and a GED certificate.

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