DeVry University and Florida International University Financial Aid


If you want to be enrolled to an online degree program, DeVry University may be your best choice for your online school. A private university that is a division if DeVry, Inc., DeVry University is one of the best options for online education. It offers wide selection of programs in different fields of expertise and industries, where you can choose from.

DeVry University is a gigantic institution that has more than 90 campuses located all throughout North America. These campuses house over 80,000 students under different courses. This includes distance learning courses that online students can work under on, wherever they may be. This includes both associate’s and bachelor’s degree.

DeVry University covers around 34 career fields, including both undergraduate and graduate programs. Some of these fields include management, business, arts, technology, network and communications management, computer information systems, and science for its undergraduate degree. For its graduate degrees, the university offers Business, Office Management, and Health Information Technology.

Besides offering an online degree program, DeVry University has five colleges with their respective courses. These colleges include Media Arts and Technology, Health Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Business and Management, and Engineering ad Information Sciences. It offers master’s degree programs in Accounting and Financial Management, Information Systems Management, Project Management, and Public Administration.

And when it comes to scholarships from DeVry University, it offers two, including the 18K College Completer Scholarship and Career Catalyst Scholarship. The former one is a merit-based scholarship grant that can be used by students pursuing bachelor’s or associate’s degrees while the latter is fairly specific to newly enrolled students.

Florida International University also delivers incredible distance learning courses. The school houses around 50,000 students and is even considered as one of the country’s biggest public universities. It is recognized to be one of the top-notch graduate research school and an incredibly top-notch research university that has a high research activity from Carnegie Foundation.

You can also benefit from the scholarship offered by Florida International University and complete your online degree program from there. The university offers several scholarships to deserving students, including First Generation scholarship, and Bright Future Scholarship. The latter kind of scholarship is offered to eligible high school graduates. Most of the scholarship grants offered by the university are academic-merit and serve as graduate assistance.

Florida International University has around 24 colleges and schools all over the country. This university offers more than 180 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degree programs of different fields, including medicine, architecture, international relations, law, and engineering. Even online courses are inclusive in the international campuses in Asia and Europe.

DeVry University and Florida International University are only two of the online universities that can help you with your distance learning education. There are other universities that offer more degree programs and scholarships that you can take advantage of.


  1. Iam a female interested in a masters degree scholarship to study a broad in agricultural field,please help on how to apply.

  2. I am a Kenyan citizen and I was requesting for scholarship to study abroad… Please help me and tell me how I can apply for the schorlarship

  3. I am from indonesia and I need the scholarship very much. Because I want to continue my study especially master degree in education as teacher because in PAPUAAN need a better education

  4. hellow I\’m Phakamani I\’m looking a scholarship but i have i have Short couse in Emotional intelligence,Business couse/NEXGEN and welding from South Africa (Gauteng)

  5. Thank you very much for the information.I am a Zimbabwean & would very much like to earn a Scholarship study abroad & help other people in my country & Africa as a whole

  6. Respect for the helpful heart, i would wish to be offered a scholarship from deVry university. But can i apply for it?

  7. Respect for the helpful heart, i would wish to be offered a scholarship from deVry university. But can i apply for it? Am from Uganda.

  8. Hello..i would be much greatful if considered in this scholarship from your university,for undergradute programme.Please help me apply.Alieth from KENYA

  9. am deeply appreciative for the information provided on this vibrant institution that will restore the greatness of the human capacity building which am kindly interested in becoming one of your your student.

  10. hi, thanks for this email.kindly help me in the application process. I will highly appreciate if you considered me.thanks

  11. I am Alberto Hussene Alberto, I am from mocambique, I am looking for a scholarship for a master\’s degree, I do not have the conditions to support my studies, if there is an opportunity, I ask for your help.

  12. Nice to get this scholarship opportunities inorder to continue my study .Thanks a lot would help me how join this scholarship now . Thank you

  13. hi, am pearl a citizen of Nigeria.. would really like to apply for the scholarship to study international relations.. how do I apply for it and how true is the scholarship

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  15. I am interested, I have a National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry, would love to enhance my studies in the Chemistry field how do I apply for funding?

  16. I was chosen on 23rd January 2018. But I don\’t know the procedure of coming there, can you please help please. Appreciated already

  17. please i will be grateful if chosen by this awesome university as a student i need assistance financial am from cameroon we are in a midst of a political crisis no school since 2016 till date please am really in need to be asisted finacilly for and undergraduate course program and a geology student

  18. Am a Kenyan, looking for a scholarship, how do I apply for this opportunity? Kindly help.
    Looking forward to your response

  19. This is so amazing.I would like to know if there is any programme related to environmental sciences at masters level.
    Thank you

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