Great Scholarships for Associate Degree Programs to Apply for


Studying in accredited online universities can be costly. There are even some schools that would require higher tuition fees compared to studying in a traditional school set-up. The best option is to look for scholarships that could cater to your financial needs. But of course, you would need to consider the degree program you want to study in, as well as the qualifications of the scholarships you are going to consider.

The great thing about scholarships today is that there are specific ones for different degrees. This goes the same way with an online associate degree. There are specific universities and organizations that offer scholarships that could help your with your online education. And one of those is the scholarship offered by awards annual scholarships of $500 to deserving students. This award is given to students, either full-time or part-time, who want to pursue online education in associate level degree. Some of these degrees include Online Liberal Arts Associate’s Degrees, Online General Studies Associate’s Degrees, Online Legal Assisting Associate’s Degrees, Online Information Technology Associate’s Degrees, and Online Business Management Associate’s Degrees.

This scholarship can be used in all accredited online universities that you might want to attend to. In order to be qualified for this scholarship, you should have strong academic history, employment history, and extracurricular activities. Your financial need won’t be taken into consideration in this case. It is a must that you be a full-time student on the year that you receive the scholarship.

Besides, you can also get a scholarship for your online associate degree from Colorado State University- Global Campus. There are several scholarships offered by the university, including Academic Excellence Scholarship, Alumni Continuing Education Scholarship, Associate’s Degree Advancement Scholarship, Career Enhancement Scholarship, Community and Diversity Advocate Scholarship, and CSU-global Mission Scholarships.

Colorado State University also offers First Generation College Student Scholarship, Boundless Opportunity On-the-horizon Scholarships, Parent Guardian Scholarship, and U.S. Military Personnel and Family Scholarships. With a lot to choose from, if you are under an associate degree and would want to level up to bachelor’s degree, the Associate’s Degree Advancement Scholarship is the most ideal one for you.

Columbia College also offers several scholarships that you can consider. If you are pursuing an associate degree in one of the accredited online universities, you can benefit from the college’s Associate Degree Transfer Grant of $375. Other scholarship grants that the college offers are Col. Charles E. McGee Scholarship of $1,000, eScholarship of $1,000, and Two-in-family Grant of $75 per session

You can also go for DeVry University for a scholarship for your online associate degree. The university offers the 18K College Completer Scholarship and Career Catalyst Scholarship, both of which can be used by students taking either associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree.

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