Top Scholarships to Choose From for Online Students Today


Studying in an online school will undeniably require a lot of money. Some of the online schools are even more expensive than their traditional counterparts. However, there are online universities that would only require minimal tuition fee or even no fee at all and simply ask for payment for educational materials needed in sessions. There are also those universities only requiring examination fee.

College education online will always require some cost. While some will be more expensive than others, you will always have to pay something. And if you can’t afford this, the best step to take is through the help of financial grants and scholarships. These grants could help with the finances, and could range from full tuition fee payment to only specific amount, depending on the specific grant.

Looking for the perfect scholarship for your situation is necessary, especially in figuring out which ones you arecan be qualified for. Each scholarship grant has its respective and particular requirements and qualifications that you must consider. In fact, some scholarships can only be applied to students with specific degrees and who want to pursue specific programs.

One of the top schools offering scholarships is the Columbia College. This specific online school has several scholarships it takes pride on. Its Associate Degree Transfer Grant provides $375 financial grant. It also offers the CCAA Scholars Program, which is offered to students with at least 24 Columbia College credit hours completed and has 2.75 cumulative GPA. Students who will be awarded with this program will get $1,000.

Columbia College also offers the Col. Charles E. McGee Scholarship. This financial grant will assist a student’s college education online through $1,000 financial aid. In order to qualify for this scholarship, a student must have 2.5 GPA. A competitive award given to worthy candidates, this specific scholarship is perfect for military veterans who are planning to pursue a degree.

The college also offers the CCAA Scholars Program, which offers $1,000 financial assistance to qualifying students who have a minimum of 24 Columbia College credit hours and 2.75 cumulative GPA. The same amount is given to the student who will be chosen for the eScholarship program, who must currently have at least 3 online courses, 21 coursework hours, 3.5 GPA, and pursuing first bachelor’s degree.

University of Wisconsin- Platteville Distance Education is popular for its Dawn Drake Excellence in Distance Education Scholarship for students who want to study in an online school under a financial grant. This scholarship is given to students with minimum of 3.0 GPA and has already finished 1 course in the university’s distance education program. It can be used either for graduate or undergraduate degree.

And finally, you can also enroll to University of Wyoming for your college education online. This specific university offers the Edelweiss Fund Scholarship, which is a scholarship grant that prioritizes students who are recently enrolled in academic program through the Outreach School of the university. This grant also prioritizes non-traditional female resident students without graduated family members.

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