Awesome Scholarships to Take Advantage of from Top-notch Universities


Applying for online schools is an easy accomplishment. You can easily complete the admission process through the school’s official website. More than that, you simply need to send over some of your documents like transcript of records and grades. And that’s not even considering the fact that you can easily have a flexible schedule in order to fit your work schedule.

Completing your university online degree will be more advantageous, especially in today’s fast-paced market and society. There are even some schools that offer education at a much lower cost. If not through that, you can also choose to avail scholarships that can cover your online degree, from the tuition fee, examination costs, and fee for school materials and resources.

Another online university that offers scholarships is the Florida International University. This online school offers different types of scholarships to interested students, including First Generation Scholarship and Bright futures Scholarship. The latter one is provided by institutional programs for high school graduates based on their academic merits.

One of the online schools that you can also consider is the Franklin University. It has an awesome Community/Technical College Distance Learning Scholarship that gives qualified students studying at a technical or community college with $500 worth of financial support. Students can get this scholarship without having to study at Franklin University and can instead go for the partnering technical and community colleges.

You can also have your university online degree with the help of the Harvard Extension School. It offers the Lowell scholarships, which are offered to middle school to high school teachers, and even high school students, in Boston area for their online courses. Once you qualify for this scholarship, you will have 50% discount from all of your school and program’s tuition charges.

Kansas State University Global Campus takes pride of two incredible scholarships, which are the Division of Continuing Education DCE Scholarship for Distance Students and the Maurine Allison O’Bannon Memorial Scholarship. The former offers $900 to qualified undergraduate students and $1,200 to those pursuing graduate programs. The latter awards $1,000 to qualified students.

Columbia Southern University can also be an option for your online schools. The university offers wide array of scholarships including the New Beginning Scholarship, which offers 20% reduction on students’ tuition fees. Qualified students must enroll for 4 consecutive terms as a condition. CSU also has the Learning Partner Scholarship that awards up to $12,600 to qualified students.

Another scholarship to help you with your university online degree is the Robert G. Mayes Memorial Scholarship from CSU. This scholarship chooses 1 CSU alumnus to receive the $10,000 and be used in pursuing their online master’s degree. The university also offers the Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship, which offers 6 scholarships to child or spouse of an active military personnel or a national guard. It covers $12,600 for student’s tuition fee.

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