Benefitting from the Financial Assistance of Capella University


Studying in an online university will take time and money for you but it would also be more convenient and incredibly fulfilling to complete your degree program without having to physically be in school. And one of the best things that you can enjoy from an online school is its flexible schedule, where you can structure your classes and courses to fit the schedule you have at work.

You can finish your college education online with the help of accredited online universities offering the degree you want to complete. One of these universities is the CapellaUniveristy, which is ranked to be third in the 2010 list of the Global Language Monitor. Awarded with Outstanding Institutional Practice in Student Learning Outcomes by CHEA in 2010, great things are expected from the school.

Capella University has a lot of recognitions throughout its operations. It was named by G.I. Jobs Magazine to be a military-friendly school and received 2009 WCET Outstanding Work Award and 2009 Learning Impact Award from International IMS Global Learning Consortium, which recognizes the school’s educational technologies for support of learning and higher education.

If you want to complete your degree program then Capella University may be your best choice, especially if you are thinking of asking for financial assistance. This is because the university can offer great scholarships for students enrolled in online programs. These scholarships are not based on the student’s financial need but on the eligibility and academic performance of the interested candidates.

If you choose Capella University for college education online, you can benefit from a limited number of credits with the help of the school’s prior learning assessment program. These credits can be used as addition to college credits for their experience-based learning. Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, the school is credited for military training.

Capella University offers wide selection of certificate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate programs of different type of professions and fields of expertise. Currently, the school is takes care of over 36,000 students under different online degree programs. It offers a competency-based curriculum that offers students with great foundational knowledge and their needed real-world skills.

There are different degrees offered by Capella University. You can be under conselingdegree program or others like Business Management, Project Management, Information Technology, Public Administration, Criminal Justice, Heath Care, Nursing, and Social Work. A lot of the university’s degrees are structured and designed to cater to the professional associations-established standards.

If you want to complete your college education online in Capella University, you can easily process your admission by first paying the $50 non-refundable application fee. You should also abide by the minimum GPA of your desired program and sign the acknowledgement agreement. Your official transcript should also be submitted.

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