Different Schools Offering Great Financial Assistance to Students

Choosing to complete your education with the help of an accredited online university can be a strategic option, especially if you work full-time or part-time. With online schools, you can be sure that you can structure your program schedule to be more flexible. This is an incredible advantage you can enjoy, along with the access to course programs that are usually not available to universities near you.

Completing your online bachelor degree can be possible with the help awesome online universities that even offer great scholarship grants. Some of the options that you can consider for online schools are Bemidji State University, Berklee College of Music Online, Central Community College in Nebraska, Colorado Technical University, and Columbia College (Missouri) Online Campus.

Bemidji State University offers several types of scholarships for deserving students. It even scholarships for students under Extended Learning. Some of the scholarships offered by the university include the Edward Gersich Distance Education Scholarship, Gladys McKinley Distance Learning Scholarship, and Northern Minnesota Distance Learning Professional Scholarship.

The Edward Gersich Distance Education Scholarship is offered by Bemidji State University as an accredited online university. This specific scholarship grant offers students with $1,000 but must be pursuing a teacher education degree. Students will be qualified if they are at least 25 years old that has either a junior or senior status and with at least 3.0 GPA. Qualified students should also have ties in northern Minnesota.

You can use the Gladys McKinley Distance Learning Scholarship to finish your teacher education online bachelor degree. From the scholarship, you can receive $1,000 for your education. You can also settle on Northern Minnesota Distance Learning Professional Scholarship that also offers $1,000. This scholarship though can only be availed by students from Northern Minnesota who have at least 3.0 GPA and is a full-time sophomore, junior, or senior.

If you choose Berklee College of Music Online, you can also benefit from its Celebrity Online Scholarships that cost $1,449. This however is talent-based and could only be given to candidate students who have completed 1 course in the Berklee Online Certificate program and plans to continue their promising programs through the online store.

Central Community College in Nebraska is also another accredited online university. The university offers Students at a Distance Scholarship that provides $500 to 10 students who need financial assistance for their education completion. In order to be qualified though, candidates should at least have completed 6 credit hours of coursework in the said college and also has at least 2.5 of cumulative grade point average.

There are more scholarships that could help you get your online bachelor degree from Colorado Technical University and Columbia College Online Campus. You simply have to choose from their lists of scholarships the one that could cater to your needs better and which you can qualify for.

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