Get Financial Aid from Arizona State University


Are you interested in enrolling in Arizona State University? If you are not anyway physically near the school, you can actually enroll through the schools online program. And this is only one of the top online universities that you can choose for your education and to finish your specific degree, whether it is an associate, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree.

Distance learning education is excellently offered by Arizona State University. But more than just courses and programs, the university also offers a lot of scholarships. In fact, there is wide array of scholarships offered by Arizona State University Online. It offers Regents High Honors Endorsement, which is a scholarship program for eligible Arizona high school graduates. More than that, it also offers scholarships specifically for specific degree programs.

Arizona State University operates in a competency-based form of education. It takes credit for military training as well as offers programs for its online courses the same with its on-campus ones. It also has six dates for starting every year and offers more than 140 online degree programs. In fact, a lot of its programs are now offered fully online.

Online universities like Arizona State University are now the future of the education field. ASU is considered to be one of the biggest public universities in the country. Founded in the year 1885, it is comprised of around 72,000 enrolled students across its five learning centers and campuses. More than that, it also has its ASU Online headquartered in SkySong, Arizona.

Arizona Online School offers an incredible distance learning education program that allows students to complete their degrees online. The university offers an innovative curriculum, which is also taught by the same faculty and professors teaching their on-campus counterpart courses. It uses state-of-the-art technology in order to support its online education programs.

Arizona State University online takes pride in having over 30,000 students that include 1,300 servicemen and servicewomen as part of the curriculum. With a highly recognized faculty members and advanced technology for its system, ASU online is definite a reliable online school that all types of students can benefit from in order to have access to wide array of academic, career, and research resources.

ASU Online like other online universities is involved in several fields of expertise and programs. Some of the university’s online degrees include Liberal Arts and Humanities, Business and Management, Computers and Technology, Criminal Justice and Legal, Nursing and Healthcare, Psychology and Healthcare, Science, Engineering, and Education and Teaching.

If you want to complete your distance learning education from Arizona State University, there is a required tuition fee of $490 to $633 for undergraduate degree programs and $490 to $1,132 for graduate degree programs. There is also a need for interested students to be able to meet specific competency requirements and submit documents like high school transcripts and SAT/CAT scores.

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