Great Scholarships for Associate Degree Programs to Apply for


Studying in accredited online universities can be costly. There are even some schools that would require higher tuition fees compared to studying in a traditional school set-up. The best option is to look for scholarships that could cater to your financial needs. But of course, you would need to consider the degree program you want to study in, as well as the qualifications of the scholarships you are going to consider.

The great thing about scholarships today is that there are specific ones for different degrees. This goes the same way with an online associate degree. There are specific universities and organizations that offer scholarships that could help your with your online education. And one of those is the scholarship offered by awards annual scholarships of $500 to deserving students. This award is given to students, either full-time or part-time, who want to pursue online education in associate level degree. Some of these degrees include Online Liberal Arts Associate’s Degrees, Online General Studies Associate’s Degrees, Online Legal Assisting Associate’s Degrees, Online Information Technology Associate’s Degrees, and Online Business Management Associate’s Degrees.

This scholarship can be used in all accredited online universities that you might want to attend to. In order to be qualified for this scholarship, you should have strong academic history, employment history, and extracurricular activities. Your financial need won’t be taken into consideration in this case. It is a must that you be a full-time student on the year that you receive the scholarship.

Besides, you can also get a scholarship for your online associate degree from Colorado State University- Global Campus. There are several scholarships offered by the university, including Academic Excellence Scholarship, Alumni Continuing Education Scholarship, Associate’s Degree Advancement Scholarship, Career Enhancement Scholarship, Community and Diversity Advocate Scholarship, and CSU-global Mission Scholarships.

Colorado State University also offers First Generation College Student Scholarship, Boundless Opportunity On-the-horizon Scholarships, Parent Guardian Scholarship, and U.S. Military Personnel and Family Scholarships. With a lot to choose from, if you are under an associate degree and would want to level up to bachelor’s degree, the Associate’s Degree Advancement Scholarship is the most ideal one for you.

Columbia College also offers several scholarships that you can consider. If you are pursuing an associate degree in one of the accredited online universities, you can benefit from the college’s Associate Degree Transfer Grant of $375. Other scholarship grants that the college offers are Col. Charles E. McGee Scholarship of $1,000, eScholarship of $1,000, and Two-in-family Grant of $75 per session

You can also go for DeVry University for a scholarship for your online associate degree. The university offers the 18K College Completer Scholarship and Career Catalyst Scholarship, both of which can be used by students taking either associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree.

Scholarships You Can Benefit on from Colorado State University- Global Campus


Do you want to complete your college degree online? There are now lots of people relying on distance learning education rather than its traditional counterpart. This is now surprising considering the advantages that it provides like the convenience it offers since online students have more flexibility with their schedule since they can structure it based on what is beneficial to them compared to traditional schools, with schedules you have to strictly follow.

Another advantage you get by deciding to take your masters degree online is that you get access to wide array of degree programs that you can study under on. More than that, you even get to enjoy the same scholarships offered for traditional students by being an online student. And you can also use scholarships from schools and organizations to provide you with financial assistance.

Colorado State University- Global Campus is one of those universities that offers online degree programs and at the same time offer scholarship grants for students who need them. Recognized to be the first and only online public university that has been accredited in the United States, CSU-Global takes pride in providing flexible schedules for classes and in providing the option of accelerated 8-week terms.

In choosing Colorado State University-Global Campus for your college degree online, you can be assured to start immediately since there are classes that start every month. The tuition fee that the university demands is also affordable and would not increase once you are enrolled. The online school is accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools’ Higher Learning Commission.

One of the scholarships offered by CSU-Global is the Academic Excellence Scholarship that would require candidates to have at least 4.0 GPA. Another scholarship from the university that will help you complete your masters degree online is the Alumni Continuing Education Scholarship. This specific grant requires the candidate to have a bachelor’s degree and is perfect for those seeking master’s degree.

Associate’s Degree Advancement Scholarship is fairly straightforward and offered to students who want to have an associate’s degree. The Career Enhancement Scholarship is provided by the university to students interested in advancing their careers by learning new skills and knowledge in their dedicated fields.

Community Diversity Advocate Scholarship can also help you with a college degree online. This is more of a skill-based grant, offered to students who are engaged leaders in the society. And there is also the CSU-Global Mission Scholarships, which is provided to students for them to complete their degrees in an effort to transform their lives.

If you are not pursuing masters degree online and wants to purse a bachelor’s degree, you can benefit from the First Generation College Student Scholarship, Boundless Opportunity On-the-horizon Scholarships, Parent/Guardian Scholarship, and U.S. Military Personnel and Family Scholarship.

DeVry University and Florida International University Financial Aid


If you want to be enrolled to an online degree program, DeVry University may be your best choice for your online school. A private university that is a division if DeVry, Inc., DeVry University is one of the best options for online education. It offers wide selection of programs in different fields of expertise and industries, where you can choose from.

DeVry University is a gigantic institution that has more than 90 campuses located all throughout North America. These campuses house over 80,000 students under different courses. This includes distance learning courses that online students can work under on, wherever they may be. This includes both associate’s and bachelor’s degree.

DeVry University covers around 34 career fields, including both undergraduate and graduate programs. Some of these fields include management, business, arts, technology, network and communications management, computer information systems, and science for its undergraduate degree. For its graduate degrees, the university offers Business, Office Management, and Health Information Technology.

Besides offering an online degree program, DeVry University has five colleges with their respective courses. These colleges include Media Arts and Technology, Health Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Business and Management, and Engineering ad Information Sciences. It offers master’s degree programs in Accounting and Financial Management, Information Systems Management, Project Management, and Public Administration.

And when it comes to scholarships from DeVry University, it offers two, including the 18K College Completer Scholarship and Career Catalyst Scholarship. The former one is a merit-based scholarship grant that can be used by students pursuing bachelor’s or associate’s degrees while the latter is fairly specific to newly enrolled students.

Florida International University also delivers incredible distance learning courses. The school houses around 50,000 students and is even considered as one of the country’s biggest public universities. It is recognized to be one of the top-notch graduate research school and an incredibly top-notch research university that has a high research activity from Carnegie Foundation.

You can also benefit from the scholarship offered by Florida International University and complete your online degree program from there. The university offers several scholarships to deserving students, including First Generation scholarship, and Bright Future Scholarship. The latter kind of scholarship is offered to eligible high school graduates. Most of the scholarship grants offered by the university are academic-merit and serve as graduate assistance.

Florida International University has around 24 colleges and schools all over the country. This university offers more than 180 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degree programs of different fields, including medicine, architecture, international relations, law, and engineering. Even online courses are inclusive in the international campuses in Asia and Europe.

DeVry University and Florida International University are only two of the online universities that can help you with your distance learning education. There are other universities that offer more degree programs and scholarships that you can take advantage of.

$500 Web Development Scholarship


Taking up college is easier said than done. With the numerous obstacles facing students and the people around them, tertiary education has slowly become a luxury only a few can afford. For the aspiring college students and their parents or guardians, the sheer financial load of college tuition has scared a lot them away. Aside from this, a lot of factors also contribute to the financial burden of college education such as the materials, lodging, and the likes. On the other hand for current college students, the same problem regarding financial matters still persist all while coinciding with other student-related matters such as academic load.

As a response to these things, numerous alternatives have been gaining popularity to provide people another way to receive their college diploma. One of the alternatives is by attending online classes and taking up an online bachelor degree. Online education has been a concept well-embraced by people due to its benefits. Aside from online education, a lot of people have also been looking for scholarships, may it be academic or athletic, in order to ease off some of the financial burdens.

In line with this, one of the scholarships you can try applying for is the Web Development Scholarship sponsored by the Boise State University. Aside from attending online classes, you can also try this scholarship program which gives $500 to its recipients if deemed worthy by the university’s design team.

Boise State University is a public college located in Boise, Idaho. The university offers numerous fields of studies, particularly 190 organized in a total of 8 colleges which include the Graduate Studies program together with Arts and Sciences, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering, Graduate Studies, Health Sciences, Public Service, and lastly, Innovation and Design.

To apply for the scholarship program you will be asked to create a Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG animation. SVG animations are gaining popularity lately due to its flexibility and the amount of animation you can create without creating a large file. Two people will be selected for the grant based on the SVG animations that they will produce which will be judged by the design team of the organization providing the scholarship. Animations will be judged based on originality and overall creativity as well as the tidiness of the codes.

To know about the scholarship program and the institution offering it, you may visit Boise State University’s website. Aside from that, you may also check out other offers for an online bachelor degree and online classes.

Most Affordable College Education Online Schools to Enroll to


Taking up and completing your college education online can cost a lot just the same as it does when you complete your education through a traditional school set-up. This is why it is completely necessary to look for online schools that could help you in your course without having the need to tear your pocket dry and empty.

There are affordable online universities that can help you with your respective degree programs. Some of these online schools include Williston State College, Western Governors University, The Baptist College of Florida, Hobe Sound Bible College, and Athens State University. There are a lot of affordable online schools to choose from if you only look.

Williston State College normally costs you around 4,409 dollars. This non-profit school has a school accreditation of NCA HLC. It has open admission and offers classes like Concepts of Fitness and Wellness, Human Relations and Cultural Diversity, Remedial Reading, Elementary Classroom Art, and Music for Elementary Teachers. It also offers online Bachelor’s Degrees like BA Early Childhood in General Education and BS in Education in Elementary Education.

You can also complete your college online education in Western Governors University and it will only cost you around 5,780 dollars. A non-profit with open admissions, this university has school accreditation from NWCCU and DEAC. It offers online Bachelor’s degrees in Interdisciplinary Studies, Mathematics, Science in Biological Science, Chemistry, Geosciences, and Physics, and Special Education.

The Baptist College of Florida could also help students with affordable tuition fee of 6,720 dollars, especially those under degree programs like BA in Educational Studies, BA in Elementary Education, BA in History/Social Studies, BA in Leadership/Christian Education, and Bachelor of Music Education. This non-profit school has the acceptance rate of 52% and has school accreditation of SACS COC.

Another online school that can help you complete your education is the Hobe Sound Bible College. This non-profit school requires 6,930 dollars tuition fee and has an ABHE accreditation. With open admissions, the school offers online bachelor’s degree that include B. Ed in Elementary Education, B. Ed in Secondary Education, and BA in TESOL.

And finally, Athens State University can also help your with your college online education. Requiring 8,494 dollars for tuition fee, this non-profit university has SACS COC for school accreditation. Some of the online bachelor’s degrees that the school offers are B.S. Ed. in Technical Education inEarly Instructor, Military Instructor, Post-Secondary Instructor, and Instructional Design.

A lot of online universities like these offer wide variety of degree programs. Besides that, some of these universities also provide scholarships that could help students in their financial constraints. If not from the universities, you can also look for organizations and other donors for financial aid and assistance and there are a lot of them offered today in the web.